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Casas Novas de Palmeira

Relaxed and creative holidays for the whole family on the south west coast of Portugal.

Tall, small, young or old. Everyone is very welcome.

Riding, surfing, jumping on the trampoline, driving Bobbycar, scooters and bikes, chilling at the panoramic terrace, snoozing in the hammock, taking a walk and exploring the environment. Sociable barbecues, splashing in the pool, playing tabletop football, ping-pong and darts, relaxing with Yoga, getting a massage or just simply reading a book.

Join your parental leave or winter at our place. You can be as creative as you like. Our farm is constantly growing and we want you to be inspired and welcome your ideas so that this piece of land becomes an even more beautiful place.

We have lots of animals for you to befriend and interact with. Dogs, cats, pigs and horses- all waiting to be hugged! They are an extension of our family and can always be trusted to create amusement!

Everything´s good when the sun goes down, the kids can tire themselves out jumping on the trampoline while mum & dad enjoy the evening with a portuguese wine or an ice-cold Sagres.

We invite you to come and share a wonderful time with us and enjoy some quality time at our beautiful place. We´re really looking forward to welcoming you in person.