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Casas Novas de Palmeira - The Family

Esta and Nils are very different and yet still they share the same vision.

They both have the same strong desire to realise their dreams. Maybe this is the reason for their lovely relationship with each other and with their wonderful children Joelle and Keanu, who were born in 2005 and 2008 in Portugal.

They left Berlin in 2003 and drove all the way down to Portugal. During the first years they lived very simply in a little property in the north-east hills of Portugal, surrounded by forest.

To earn money, Esta guided horse trails, Nils re-created old gardens, built natural stone walls and cut fruit trees. But their hearts were always with their farm „Rio de Figueiras“ and being at home was the best thing they could imagine at the time.

The only problem was that the distance to the ocean was too far, at least for Nils. So they moved to the south-west coast to get closer to the shore. It wasn´t at all easy to leave, but they did, with new hopes and aspirartions for the future.

Once they got there they started to visualize their ideas for the land and make plans. Before long they decided that they wanted to create a place that would be perfect to relax in, that could be shared with those who would enjoy stillness and living close to nature. They were especially thinking of catering for young families who might have difficulties in finding a suitable holiday location. From their experience, it tended to be either the kids that enjoyed the holiday or the parents, rarely both!

Disinterested and disappointed in huge hotel chains and mass tourism, they wanted to create the type of venue where they would love to spend their own holidays with their kids. „Casas Novas de Palmeira“ is this new project. The ideas just keep on coming! Some ideas are already completed, some are still in the planning stage and some are a work in progress.

Esta and Nils are parents of two adorable kids who are lucky enough to grow up in the biggest playground in the world and are able to eat tomatoes that taste like tomatoes. They´re a happy family and they don´t take it for granted.

The Casas Novas-family also includes Jan and Jörn, who live here and support their two friends.

Our two horses and pony love to graze and run in the wide meadow on top of the hill. Quina is a mixture of the old portuguese horse breeds Sorraia, Arab and Gerrano. Her daughter Chayenne was born in 2005 on the other farm in the north. She has a cute spanish father! Lottje is our Shetland pony for the little ones, she loves hugging and being groomed. Kids up to 6 years of age can ride or have lessons with her. Quina and Chayenne can not be ridden yet due to some injuries. The horses available for riding stay at a neighbouring grazing pasture and are brought to our place when they are needed.

Our lovely dogs and cat are also part of the family. Cheeky Nellie, who loves all the kids so all the kids love her and adorable little Brownie who loves anyone. Max the cat is a brave little sweetheart who is able to get it on with Nellie.

Last but not least Piggy and Specky, two asian pot-bellied pigs and their babies. They love corn and if you are quick you can tickle their bellies so they roll over and you can enjoy petting them at your leisure!