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Usually the riding lessons are held at our place with Esta. Please get in touch with her to talk about experiences and expectations previously.

Esta places huge importance on the friendly and harmonious relationship she has with her horses. She believes passionately that ground work training, horse psychology and learning about the natural behaviour of horses are just as important as the riding itself. She would be thrilled to guide you further inside the world of horses that often is overlooked in conventional riding stables.

There´s countless options to create your perfect trail or riding holiday. From riding around the countryside, night riding under a full moon, candlit dinner in the dunes, galloping across the beach, taking a swim in the lake together with the horses through to vistiting one of the most beautiful lusitano studs of Portugal, we feel confident that there’s something for everyone! Many different variations are available and we´d love to help you design your personalised trail adventure.

Chris is our trail-guide, he knows almost every track around here and he is very calm and relaxed. The caring bond he has with his horses and his boundless enthusiasm makes every trek a special one whether you´re a beginner or advanced rider. His horses all have different characteristics and personalities so there should be the perfect horse for you. They are kept at pastures in the nearby vacinity and will be brought to us, if required.

We advise you to notify us in advance to ensure availability and avoid disappointment, especially during peak periods. If you require any help or have any queries please feel free to email Esta directly.

The beautiful new hiking route „Rota Vicentina“ leads across our neigbhorhood. Not a suprise that we provide a „Rota Vicentina Trail“. Wonderful scenery along the 350 km path awaits to be discovered on the back of a horse. Here´s a short video about the route.

Children up to 6 years of age can ride and have lessons on our friendly shetland pony „Lottje“.

We can also provide a child sized helmet and a padded vest for the kids.

Trail with Chris per day € 75,–
Riding lesson € 20,–
30 minutes riding € 10,–