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With 850 km Atlantic coastline, numerous spots and mild climate portugal is the best option for surfers no matter what their level. The best time is from September to May, but the summer is more appropriate for beginners due to the warmer water and smaller waves.

Over the last few years legendary pro surf contests in Peniche and big-wave world records in Nazaré have kept the surf community’s focus on Portugal. Many surfers travel from far and wide to this beautiful country to make the most of endless beach choice and fantastic swell. In the Alentejo, the region where we live, things go a little slower so it´s no wonder that the breaks are not overcrowded. The locals are kind of relaxed if you treat them with respect and stick to good surf etiquette. This is important to us also to ensure it stays that way.

With Nils you have an ambitious surf teacher living right next door. He will guide you through the theoretical and practical basics of surfing with great enthusiasm. First stages, like paddling on the lake and having some surf based conversations, can happen on our farm to evaluate your personal abilities. For the practical part of the session Nils will take you to one of the many beaches in the area to teach you how to lie on the board in the best way, how to get the feeling for the wave, how to stand up and finally ride. He also will give you some advice about dangers from the sea like currents and tides, the right equipment choice, rules in the water and understanding wave forecasts.

Family & Surf: You surf, we take care of your kids at the beach. € 15,– for the first hour, € 5,– for every additional.

Private lesson per unit (about 1 hour in the water) € 35,–
Group lesson (from 2 persons on) per hour per person € 25,–

Prices include equipment, beach shuttle, briefing and debriefing.