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Portugal; land of the brave navigators and explorers, the „saudade“ and the unpretentious, friendly people, known for their love of the ocean and Fado.

Amazing beaches spread over 850 km of coastline, mountains, rivers and valleys in protected nature parks, sleepy fishing villages, historical cities for serious shopping or nightlife. If you fly to lisbon, it´s worth staying there for 1 or 2 nights to enjoy the unaffected flair of this beautiful capital by the Tejo.

Stunning sun drenched beaches wait for you to be discovered. The most famous ones in the surrounding area are found in Odeceixe and Zambujeira do Mar. They are award winning and renouned and therefore a little crowded in summer! But if you go to beaches like Carreagem or Praia dos Homens if you’re lucky you can be the only one at the beach.

The best sandy beaches for children are located in Odeceixe, Zambujeira do Mar and Vila Nova de Milfontes. Rivers flow into the sea so that the kids can splash in the calm rivermouth meanwhile the older ones can go surfing in the sea.

The beaches around the south-Algarve are outstanding, too. They are also a good option for children due to the calmer sea. Praia de Martinhal for example is a paradise for windsurfers and you can see some spectacular sunrises here.

The entire area of the south west coastline is part of the natural park „Parque Natural do Sudoeste Alentejano e Costa Vicentina“. You won’t see big ugly hotel chains here, the environment is still intact and you can enjoy a beautiful landscape where the osprey and the white stork build their nests in the cliffs. Also many reptile and amphibian species live here.

The flora is described as a mix of mediterrean, north atlantic and primarily african vegetation.
One of the closest villages at the sea is Zambujeira do Mar. A lovely sleepy place with a few bars and restaurants. Once a year, usually in the beginning of august, a big music festival called „Sudoeste“ takes place and turns the small village into a huge crowded party. People camp everywhere and anywhere and people take the party to the streets.

15 minutes from our farm you reach São Teotónio, a quaint little town with supermarkets, post office, bank, pharmacy, some shops, cafés and restaurants.

The colorful festivals in June and the monthly market are some of the highlights of „Teo“.

If you drive a little further inland you´ll come to Odemira, the capital of the same called district. Here you find some cosy cafés and restaurants between small winding streets.

In Boavista there´s a little biological shop. You find it in the „Zona Industrial“ close to the Aldi-market.

On the road to the south, about 30 minutes from us, you find the old moorish village Aljezur. Everything seems to run in slow motion here but with a lot of charm and an infectious atmosphere. Wonderful beaches such as „Arrifana“ and „Monte Clerigo“ are located in the surrounding area. At the beach of Monte Clerigo there´s a very nice fish restaurant that we recommend.

In Sagres, about 1 hour south of us, you can find some traditional cafés, bars and restaurants as well as some beautiful beaches and the cape „Cabo de São Vicente“, the most south-west tip of continental europe. Jagged cliffs loom up to 70 metres out of the sea and it´s facinating to see the daring fishermen balanced precariously on outcrops above the seething sea.

The fort „Fortaleza de Sagres“, has been build on a huge cliff facing towards the atlantic. In the 15th century the maritime school of Prince Henry the Navigator is thought to have been located here.

The small village of Monchique is surrounded by it’ name sake the mountain range „Serra de Monchique“, situated about 45 minutes from our farm in a south easterly direction. From there you can book guided hikes or just go and explore for yourself.

About an hour to the south you come to the lively port city Lagos with lots of bars and restaurants, also surrounded by numerous beaches. Lagos is a lovely town in the south-Algarve where you can go window shopping, have a stroll along the promenade or enjoy the famous Lagos nightlife. If you like to sail you can hire a boat and sail around the coves to explore one of the empty beaches that can only be reached by boat.

Just before you arrive Lagos there´s a little, but good, private zoo worth a visit, especially for kids. In a pleasant atmosphere you can see monkeys, crocodiles and all different kinds of birds. The zoo has been well designed, there are 2 playgrounds, a snack-bar as well as some picnic spots.

Vila Nova de Milfontes is also worth a visit. The small fishing village is located north next to the river Mira that runs into the sea. The calm and wide rivermouth invites swimming and sunbathing. Another option is to make a river trip on a „dragon-boat“. As the sun sets we recommend that you have grilled sea bream at the restaurant „Choupana“ located right next to the lighthouse in front of the beach.