How Spain Ruled Italy

How Spain Ruled Italy

When talking about history, some nationalities cannot fail to appear for they’ve gone far enough in history including Spain and Italy. After Italy was unified, these two countries made a diplomatic relationship between them. Their relationship remained unshakable throughout the years because of strong cultural, political, and historical relations between the two countries. Two hundred and eighteen before the Christ Era, the Roman Empire took over the Iberian Peninsula, which later was called the Hispania Roman Peninsula. From here, the Romans introduced the Latin language to this island which gave birth to languages of Spanish and Italian. For over six hundred years, the Iberian Peninsula was ruled by the Roman Empire until its decline.

In the middle age, the Visigothic

In the middle age, the Visigothic kingdom established a reign in the Iberian Peninsula while Ostrogothic established its rule in the Italian Peninsula. It was until the 18th century that Southern Italy came under Spanish rule having been previously ruled by Aragon. When Victor Emanuel the second was crowned king of Italy in 1841, Spain failed to recognize him as a king naming him a “Sardinian” king. The then Queen of Spain, Isabella II refused to recognize this leadership after being influenced by Pope Pius. This rule was finally recognized in 1865 after a complete struggle by Leopoldo, O’Donnell.

1870, Isabella 11 of Spain was

1870, Isabella 11 of Spain was overthrown by Amadeo, son of Victor Emanuel who ruled for thirteen years before being abducted. After an end was put to World War one in 1918, there were attempts to mend relationships between Spain and Italy. Dictators who ruled these two countries decided to mend their relationship through various summits. Later in 1926, a treaty was signed by leaders of the two countries to enhance reconciliation between them. Mussolini was then executed in 1936 by Spanish forces which saw Francisco Franco ascend to power. Franco controlled Spain until nineteen seventy-five where he died who was heavily helped by Spain.

How Spain Ruled Italy

The relationship of these two countries became close during the second World War. Italy fought alongside the Germans, a superpower in Europe while Spain remained neutral because it was bombarded by civil war during that time. When Mussolini fell, Italy plunged into civil war, and Spain did nothing to help its neighbors. Though this was painful, see two nations decided to take their ties to the next level where they’ll stay close together. Italy and Spain became good neighbors where there were no entanglements between them.

From here, the two nations have met on several occasions especially in sports. When the European Champions was formed where nations are supposed to play for the top price, Spain and Italy have met on these occasions. Because of their rivalry that dates back many centuries back, matches are always intense with each country aiming to win. Recent victories have favored Spain, winning the cup in two thousand eight and twenty twelve series. Both are World Cup champions who won trophies coveted by other nations. Sports have strengthened their ties by bringing their residents together to share a common venue.

Spain is a good friend of Italy since it allows citizens of the nations to mingle. The mingling of Spain and Italy is common since marriages are allowed. Italians are good tourists who love to travel to good destinations. Going to Spain is one of them they’ll go to see wonders such as castles, monuments, and culture. Their cultures are similar having been under one rule in centuries that came before. Cultures, including music are loved by them, and residents cannot stop enjoying music. When it comes to food cuisines, they produce sweet meals that tourists enjoy while coming to your them.

Spanish-Italian ties are strong that cannot be shaken any time as both are members of the European Union. The European Union consists of more than thirty nationalities from Europe that came together to benefit from their neighbors. This union ensured that growing economically is unstoppable for them. When listing superpowers that run economies, you cannot fail to mention either Spain or Italy. Their GDP per individual has grown greatly as their tie is strong. They’ve helped each other even when there was a virus that claimed the lives of inhabitants from both. Spain did not colonize Italy fully, but it was part of Italy’s history.

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