Spain and Its Bordering Countries

Spain and Its Bordering Countries

Officially known as the Kingdom of Spain, it is a country to the South East of Europe. Spain has its capital in the beautiful city of Madrid and has tourists sailing from all walks of life to see the culture it has as well as the magnificent architecture of some of its buildings/homes. The country has many features that bring people to its doorstep. As stated before, Spain is known for its unique culture. Like the “Siesta,” where between the hours of 1 pm to 5 pm, shops, government offices, and local offices are closed down after lunch to take a long nap during this time. Siestas are very crucial to the Spaniards, having taught their culture to the young ones and the next generation maintaining it.

Other than the sleep culture, Spain

Other than the sleep culture, Spain is known for its alcohol and drinks. Bars are a common sight, and you can never miss one or two for every 10 minutes you walk. Home to the famous Sangria drink, Spain tourists are always in for a treat when they walk the streets of its towns. It might also be good to mention that the morning beverage, coffee, has a divine taste in this country.

Spain is bordered by more than

Spain is bordered by more than two countries in Europe. First is Portugal, with its capital being the city of Lisbon. A notable mention is that Portugal is home to many football/soccer stars this world has seen. From the shining Bruno Fernandes to world-famous legend Cristiano Ronaldo among other elite football stars. These stars developed as a result of training in the high-end academies and football stadiums that are found there. An example is Estádio do Dragão or Dragao Stadium in English, home to a famous football team, FC Porto, since 2003. Museum tours are marvelous additions to all these sites, and people seem to enjoy learning histories they have.

Spain and Its Bordering Countries

Take your time touring this fantastic place before you leave, but if you do choose to stay, the Mosteiro dos Jerónimos in Lisbon can be your next stop in Portugal. Tourists flock to see this great building that dates back to the 1500s to the early years of Explorer Vasco da Gama. It has spectacular interior decor and houses the tombs of some of its nation’s greatest people like Luís de Camões, a great poet/chronicler of discoveries.

France is another country bordering Spain to the North East, with its capital being the great city of Paris. Paris is the city of love, famous for its Eiffel Tower, which was a beacon of hope during the wars. It is notable to say that even today, it is still a beacon of life and love. Couples from different countries go to the tower, placing a padlock on its steel members to symbolize their love for each other, throwing away the key after marking initials on it and the padlock. It always lights up during major events, looking magnificent in the lights, mostly on New Years’. France is also home to football stars with teams that have competed globally, winning in major competitions. Home to a two-time world cup national team, it is a country to be proud of with hopes of winning more and more trophies in the countries name.

Architect Jules Hardouin-Mansart, the Palace of Versailles is of great importance to France, guarded daily as people walk in and out to see this treasure. This, as well as the Louvre Museum, which has an outstanding art collection of over 35,000 art pieces collected by major artists. Andorra borders Spain to the North East just between Spain and France. A small nation, ranked 16th smallest worldwide, with its capital being Andorra la Vella, Andorra is a great place to see. A most notable sight might be the Hassan II Mosque, a very intriguing place/point of interest.

The mosque was finished in 1993 with details followed to the letter. Marble is the main attraction of its construction, making the mosque live up to its name as a sight to look at with awe. Other than that, Andorra la Vella, Andorra’s capital city, bursting with life, is lined with shops that sell all kinds of products. You can get exquisite clothes, pottery, decorations, not to mention delicious food being sold in most of the restaurants.

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