The Distance Between Germany and Spain

The Distance Between Germany and Spain

The physical distance that stands between Germany and Spain is an estimated 911 kilometers. Separating the two countries is the country of France. If you chose to go to Spain from Germany or vice versa, it would take you approximately two hours to make the trip. The distance between the two countries by road comes to an estimated 1869 kilometers. It will take a person a full day’s drive to move from Spain to Germany using road transport. The distance by road is significantly longer since roads are built to maneuver around geographical barriers. Both countries enjoy a well-developed road network that makes it possible to travel between each other in a day with light traffic.

In terms of culture, there is

In terms of culture, there is a stark difference between what Germans and Spaniards hold in high regard. German culture is centered around individualism and the existence of a person within personal preferences. The German population places more emphasis on personal careers, individual achievements are perceived to be more important. In Spain, socializing is given more priority, with many citizens fond of associating with friends and the society at large. Spanish culture advocates for social living, as seen in the cordial relationships between members of the society.

The Distance Between Germany and Spain

Germans are rigid when it comes to the subject of change. They tend to live by their customs in a conservative manner. Germans believe in doing things in a structured manner this makes them have a knack for formality. Spaniards are more flexible with the notion of change and often end up adapting to new ways all too often. Unlike in Germany, Spaniards hold authority in little regard as they tend not to lean towards the rigid nature of formality. Spain is more relaxed in regulation when compared with Germany’s uptight nature. While Germans enjoy advanced developments in technology and a robust economy, Spaniards live in a more vibrant culture.

If social life means plenty to you, living in Spain would be more appropriate. Career-driven people would find Germany to be a better fit for their need for career progression. It is difficult for a German to adjust to the relatively carefree life of Spaniards that is centered around social living. That would be the same case for a person who used to living in Spain to adjust to the structured nature of German life. While these two countries are almost neighbors, they are very different in terms of social realities.

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