Toledo’s Heritage as the First Spanish Capital

The first Spanish capital is not the city of Madrid, lots of citizens believe in that misconception that the first capital city of Spain is Madrid. A city located about seventy kilometers to the south of the current Spanish capital holds the pride of being the nation’s first capital city, where the world was focused on. It takes about half a day to journey around this city if you’re using the city’s hiking route, and it also takes the same time to move from Madrid to the city of Toledo. Toledo was Spain’s first capital after the country attained independence far back in the 16th century, after which the capital was moved to Madrid. Formerly a nation’s capital but now a world’s tourist attraction site, endowed with lots of sculptures and holding Spain’s culture to stand. Spaniards are always prideful of this site because it holds the best metal decors glowing with a classic Spanish taste.

Gothic churches are not difficult to

Gothic churches are not difficult to observe on Toledo’s streets, structures such as Mudéjar mosques are also common having Roman or Arabic styles. Ancient Roman structures and Visigoth erections made into palaces or synagogues are easy to spot here. There’s no 15th or a 16th-century architectural masterpiece of artworks that can’t be found here, telling Spain’s golden era. It’s not just the old buildings that are of cultural heritage, other sites rich in Spain’s history are still existing, sites like the Tagus Riverbank are a great example. Tagus River bank comes with its gate and bridge where citizens can watch the beauty of the river.

Toledo's Heritage as the First Spanish Capital

Another element found in the Spanish first capital is Alcazar, you can’t come to visit and not catch a glimpse of Alcazar, it’s the most spot-on building you’ll find here. A place you shouldn’t miss is the top-level library, it’s not just a library but an avenue where you have a chance to catch a view of the entire city. Though this mighty structure was not built for this purpose in the thirteenth century when it was built, it was made for defense purposes. Museo del Ejército is now its new name and function of the great masterpiece, having original features that can be seen at its base.

In Spain, there exist 3 main churches, one of them is located here and is called Toledo Cathedral, which was a Muslim mosque initially before being transformed to a Gothic church. The entire building presents a few brilliant designs, five painted wooden sculptures on its altar, depicting Jesus’ life led on Earth. Two types of lighting systems exist in the church, a dim lighting is found in the congregation’s section while a bright skylight is found on the main altar. Another highlight you can serve off this church is its choir hall, two rows of seats are present, with each seat having a set of exquisite wood carvings with images of martyrs and saints. Famous Spanish markets are held on Tuesdays, with lots of restaurants providing Spain’s special delicacies, it’s indeed a place you must visit when you get to Spain.

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