Why Rome Is Not the Capital of Spain

Why Rome Is Not the Capital of Spain

Rome is a special city around the continent and a great destination for anybody looking for a perfect place for a vacation. If you’re searching for a perfect place with world-class historical sites, then Rome is one place that you cannot afford to miss. This city is equally populous, with more than 3 million people residing in the city based on information published on statista.com nearly a year ago. Although this city has scored poorly on the Quality of the Urban Life Index, staying in Rome is much cheaper than most average cities worldwide. The significance of Rome in the growth of Christianity cannot be taken for granted.

Subsequently, Rome is the home of several international agencies such as FAO. Having said that, the overall spectrum of Rome has been confusing plenty of people. While some scholars believe that Rome is in Italy, others believe that it is a city in Spain. If you want to answer this question credibly without taking sides, it’s important to look at Rome’s history. It’s important to realize that Rome’s history can be traced back more than two thousand years, with some books quoting 753 BC as the time this city started to take shape. Still, historians agree that Rome started in 625 BC, even though the timing is insignificant to the discussion. One thing is certain—Rome is one of the oldest urban centers in Europe, with the culture of the Romans playing an important ingredient in its formation.

Consequently, the process of transforming Rome

Originally, Rome served as an administrative center for the Roman Kingdom, Roman Republic, and the Roman Empire, with many scholars linking it to Western Civilization that has become a reality in modernization. It’s worth noting that Rome has played a critical part in bringing major transformations worldwide, including religious growth. Rome’s role in the growth of churches started during the Middle Ages that saw the development of a Catholic Church. What is more, Rome used to be a capital city of the Papal States that stretched from Lazio, Marche, Umbria plus Romagna and some parts of Emilia.

Consequently, the process of transforming Rome into the Italian capital city started more than three centuries ago. It remained the capital of Italy’s Kingdom for the better part until 1946 when Italy became a republic. From this, it’s clear that there is a huge geographical gap between Spain and Rome. In fact, there is no historical evidence that shows that Rome is the capital of Spain.

Why Rome Is Not the Capital of Spain

Geographically, a 24-kilometer inland city stretches from Lazio, a region in central Italy, to the Ostia district in the South West. This is a clear indication that it does not fall anywhere closer to Spain’s territory. However, it does not mean that proponents of the idea that Rome is the capital of Spain are outrageous. According to the laws of principles and arguments, every argument counts unless you have solid evidence to dispute it. When the same question appeared on Quora, Ismael Jusino, who happened to support the statement some parts of Spain became of Italy during the Roman Empire. If you argue from that angle, then you’re not wrong to say that Rome is the capital of Spain.

Again, there are shortcomings in this suggestion because it fails to incorporate what’s widely accepted. Being widely accepted, having international backing as well as recognition which is not the case. Sources show that the Roman Empire was active between 205 BC and 474 AD. Not purposely demeaning, but using something that took place thousands of years back to solve a 21st erratic. Two independent states have direct control over Rome, and Spain is not among them.

In general, Rome is not the capital of Spain due to the following reasons. The first thing is that international bodies, including the United Nations, do not recognize Rome as Spain’s capital. Since Spain has not formally claimed that Rome is its capital, it is malicious to allude otherwise. Additionally, there is no supporting documentation that connects Spain with Rome, and therefore, any attempt to make Rome the capital of Spain is baseless. Everything is opinion-based, and you are free to bring your suggestions on board.

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